Akasha Project is an innovative nonprofit organization that supports communities throughout New York City by fostering physical, mental, and emotional well-being through the practice of yoga. Our primary goal is to expand the reach of yoga and to make the benefits of a regular practice available to those who would not otherwise have access. Benefits that include:

• Increased strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone
• Improved cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and immune function
• Elevated mood and awareness
• Reduced stress, anxiety, depression, and hostility
• Improved concentration, focus, and memory
• Heightened self-acceptance and self-actualization




The organization was conceived and founded by Elaine Musselman in January of 2010. Hailing from a background of art, architecture and nonprofit work, it was Elaine’s own personal yoga practice that eventually inspired the formation of Akasha Project. As a trained yoga teacher herself, she has experienced the benefits of yoga firsthand and believes it can be used to address larger social issues by cultivating awareness in those who practice it and by helping them cope with societal and personal change.
With the help and oversight of Executive Director Grant Woolfolk and Program Director Taylor Garrabrant, Akasha Project continues to expand its programs and fulfill its mission thanks to the generous support and life-affirming classes provided by our many instructors. Since our inception, we have provided over one thousand free yoga classes through our partnerships with schools, senior centers, community organizations, hospitals, shelters, and resource centers. Every year hundreds of people have the opportunity to experience the joy and healing power of yoga because of our work. Our classes reach a wide range of participants including youth, seniors, and individuals coping with addiction, illness, homelessness, and trauma. Please visit http://www.akashaproject.org to learn more.